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Lecture of Dr Saheb 2010

Click Here: Yak Dil, Yak Zaban, Awr Yak Jan , 06-01-2010, SPHBU Sahib 12 min heavenly tasbihaat zkr at the beginning and 30 min lecture by H BU Sahib then Ginan Khwani and zikr Session

Why are we Seveners

(From a lecture of Dr Saheb – 2012) Twelvers are named as such since their imamat stopped after 12 Imams. However the application of “Seveners” to Ismailis is not about the 7th Imam – but in reality it is about our belief in the Heptad – the cycle of 7 Imams.

Article: Manifestion of the Qaim

Dr. Faquir Muhammad Sahib’s Article “The Manifestation of the Qa’im and the Descent of Jesus Christ” Click here to view Enjoy

Pictorial Memories

Wonderful picture of our teacher with the two foremost students:

Shirk – Dr F Hunzai

Lecture on Shirk by Dr F Hunzai on 15/7/2017 Click link below to play Shirk-Dr.-F.M.-Hunzai-7-15-2017.mp3  

Lecture By Dr Saheb on 19th Aug 2017

Lecture delivered by Dr Saheb during the 19th August 2017 Jashan in USA