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Fasting – Sawm

Maryam was sa’imah. That is, she was initially ordered to remain silent concerning spiritual secrets. As mentioned in the Qur’an (19:26), “if you see a person, say: I have vowed to keep the fast for God, so today I will not speak to anyone”. From this we can ascertain that in the beginning of spirituality …

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Audio Books Update

Please note we have started adding the Gujurati audio books to the new website: Books – Gujurati Audio  


According to the people of ma`rifat, to conceive as-sur as a trumpet or bugle is nothing more than a veil, for the reality is that through the angel Jadd (72:3), it is the soul-seizing and soul-giving melody of Divine love, i.e. it is a living, unique, unprecedented luminous flute, which for the friends of God, …

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Raising of the Twelve

In  (5:12/13) there is the mention of the12 captians (naquibs) of bani Israel. Ithna`asharis use this to prove  the validity of 12 Imams. But this is incorrect as it relates to the Hujjats. As there are twelve months in a year of the physical world, in the same way, there are twelve months of a …

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Deluge of Nuh

The people of recognition have seen this reality with their inner eye and say with complete certainty that Hazrat Nuh’s real storm was  that of souls, in which there was the rain of the particles of souls from the heaven and from the earth just as if the fountainhead of souls had been released. In this …

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Miracles of Musa

Q: What is the staff of Musa an example of? What is the ta’wil of Yad-e Beda (the white hand)? What is meant by famine and dearth of fruits. How can flood, locusts, lice, frogs and blood be included among miracles?   A: The staff shows four things at the same time: the asas, who was Hazrat …

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I am the resurrection

Mawla Ali has said: I am that resurrection which, whoever belies or disapproves it, for him hell is necessary. I am that person who gives rise to the resurrection. I am that trumpet which is mentioned by God in the Qur’an (74:8). I am that person who, if death is given to me, I will …

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Can you taste death?

This question is appropriate and interesting for the sake of informative discussion. The answer is, yes, that in the context of the experience of knowledge and recognition, it is indeed a thing to taste. But remember that such an experiential death is only spiritual. This wisdom-filled and magnificent experience of death continues for seven nights …

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Face of Allah

Root Letter Fa’ Nun Ya’: It is said in verses (55:26-27): “All those who are aboard those (boats) are going to be annihilated, and only the face of your lord, the Glorious, the bounteous, remains”. Mawla Ali has said “I am the face of God in the heavens and the earth” (Kawkab-i durri). Thus, the topic of …

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Which of the bounties of your lord will you belie?

Did you know that this phrase has been repeated 31 times in surah-i rahman (55)?