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Ethics in Islam – Dr Saheb Lecture

Ethics (Akhlak) are the roots of our faith and are defined by the Guide of the Time. After ethics come faith, and those who follow good ethics have a better foundation for strong faith. Then with Ilm’ul yaqin, we develop our understanding of faith, which makes our faith even stronger. By following the above, the …

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The Doors of Taubah

(Summary of Dr Saheb’s lecture) the First Door of Taubah is Dawat-i Haqq, i.e. accepting the Imam and entering the Ismaili faith. This is the position of the Mustajib. The Second Door of Taubah is Ilm-ul Yaqin, whereby a mustajib gains knowledge of the truth and progresses through the ranks of ma’dhun and da’i. The …

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Al-Asma-ul Husna

Al- Asma’ul-Husna God, may His glory be glorified and His favour all-embracing, says: “And to Allah belong the beautiful Names, so call on Him by them.” (7:180). Regarding these Names, the holy Prophet says: “To God belong ninety-nine Names, a hundred less one. He who counts them will enter Paradise.” (Bukhari. Hadith, 2736, 7392). Sayyidna …

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Dr Saheb and Rashida SamSam lectures Karachi

29 Nov 2017 Click here to download 1st Dec 2017 Evening Click here to download 1st Dec 2017 Night Click here to dowload

Dr Saheb 30 Nov 2017 – Q&A at Karimabad

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Dr Saheb Lecture on Wasilah – 28 Nov 2017   Click here to download

Dr Saheb, Tasbihat

40 times Lahawla walaquwata…. 100times Ya shahinsha e Mumkinaat by H BU SAHIB…40%20times%20,%20Ya%20Shahinshah%20e%20mumkinaat%20100%20time%20(H%20BU%20SAHIB).mp3

Dr Saheb Lecture 2

Lecture of Dr Saheb in Karachi, 27 Nov 2017

Dr Saheb Lecture 25 Nov 2017

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Lecture of Dr Saheb

Lecture in islamabad oct 28 2017 Click here to download or listen here