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Compilation of Farmans on Ibadat

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Australian Interview of MHI – 1979

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Speeches of Imam

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Role of the Imam

Article on Mawlana Hazir Imam

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Interview of Imam on PBS

Very interesting interview

Daru’l Hikmat Taliqah

Allamah Saheb established the Ismailia Daru’l-Hikmat on 2nd June, 1963 to facilitate  this work, about which Mawlana Imam Shah Karim al-Husayni in a taliqah dated 4th October, 1966 says: “… I have read the report of Ismailia Darul HikMat with much interest and pleasure. I am very happy indeed with your good work and devoted …

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Farman – Northern Areas – 1996

Farman of Mawlana Hazir Imam during his visit to the Northern Areas to review renovations on the Fort Click here to download for later

Farman on Qasida – 1994 (London)

Farman made at the European Jamats Mehmani 13th August, 1994   My beloved spiritual children, You have just heard a Qasidah from a murid from  Afghanistan. And I want to teII you that this singing of a Qasidah today is a symbol. It is a symbol of diversity in our Jamat. That diversity in some …

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