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Lecture of Fasting – Shahnaz  

Shahnaz Apa – Recognition of Imam – 02

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Shahnaz Apa – Recognition of Imam – 01

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Islam/Taslim – Dr Saheb April 2012

Islam/taslim mean submission. Normally, people say that Islam is submission to the Will of Allah. However, in true Islam there is no direct communication of the servant with Allah. Had this been possible, He would not have appointed a Khalifah. The proof is that God ordered the angels to prostrate to Hazrat Adam. Iblis disobeyed …

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The Staff of Musa

[2:60] And when Moses asked for water for his people, We said: Smite with thy staff the rock. And there gushed out therefrom twelve springs (so that) each tribe knew their drinking-place. Eat and drink of that which Allah hath provided, and do not act corruptly, making mischief in the earth.   By the stick of …

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Lecture by Saheb from August 1989

Maqalah : Haft Adwaar e Kabeer Wazahat, 18-08-1989   Part 1 Part 2  

Lecture By Saheb – 1990

Hamari Ek Shandaar Riwaayat, 22-03-1990     Click Here For Part 1 Click Here For Part 2

Lecture By Saheb 1986

Hijaab Pardah, 24-10-1986   Click here for Part 1 Click here for Part 2

Maqalah : Anbiya Ki Pairawi Awr Iski Rafaqat, 23-02-1989

Lecture of Saheb: Maqalah_ Anbiya Ki Pairawi Awr Iski Rafaqat, 23-02-1989 Click here to download  

Mowt ki Azeem Hikmatein , Mi’raaj awr Ma’arij ki wazahat, 04-01-1985, 11-01-1985

Lecture by Saheb – please listen from 19 mins   Part 1 (click to download) Part 2 (click to download)