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Subject index – Wisdom search

Ya Ali Madad to all of You, A Wonderful Subject Index (مفتاح عناوینِ نصیری) in word document made by Ahmed Nadim Sumoyo is attached here: Miftah-i-Anawin-i-Nasiri This word document file is very helpful to find key word of subject by using  Find option in word document. Follow these four steps as shown in attached file. 1 – Home, 2 – Find, …

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Interesting Sermon in presence of Prime Minister of Pakistan

see here:

Academy of Letters Event January 2019

Mushaira dedicated to Allamah Nasiuddin Nasir Hunzai The Academy of Letters Sind Provincial Office Karachi dedicated their weekly mushaira of 2 nd January to Allamah Nasiruddin Nasir Hunzai, a poet of 4 languages i.e. Urdu, Burushaski, Persian and Chinese Turkish. The Resident Director of the Sind Provincial Office, Mr Qadir Bakhsh Soomro introduced Allamah Nasiruddin talking …

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New Audio Book

New audio book added – Haqiqi Ishq see

New Audio Book

New audio book added – Qurani Science Part 2 see  

The changing of the Qur’an – Snippet from A.S. 01/08/09

People have changed Qur’an, but the original Qur’an in ruhaniyyat is perfect. People changed only what they understood. They could not understand the huruf-i mukata’at, so these are unchanged, although they contain the highest secrets.

Ism and Kalimat-i Tamaat

The asma and kalimat-i tamaat are different stages of Ism. As defined in the story of Adam: (2:33) He said: “O Adam! Tell them their names.” When he had told them, Allah said: “Did I not tell you that I know the secrets of heaven and earth, and I know what ye reveal and what ye …

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The 4 States of Being

1. Bidari –  wakefulness 2. Khayal – imagination 3. Khawab – dream 4. Ruhaniyat – Spirituality Wakefulness is common to all, but the other 3 are very personal/individual. Most people experience Khayal ad Khawab, but Ruhaniyyat is something that is dormant and needs to be actualised.

The Doors of Taubah

(Summary of Dr Saheb’s lecture) the First Door of Taubah is Dawat-i Haqq, i.e. accepting the Imam and entering the Ismaili faith. This is the position of the Mustajib. The Second Door of Taubah is Ilm-ul Yaqin, whereby a mustajib gains knowledge of the truth and progresses through the ranks of ma’dhun and da’i. The …

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Ism vs Kalimat

(Important point from Lecture of Dr Sahib) We all know the terms Ism-i Azam and Kalimat-i Tamaat. These words are associated with ibadat and spiritual progress. However there is a key difference between the two. The spiritual journey begins with the Ism-i Azam (or bol) and is a special gift from the Imam of the …

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