We live in a world, which has been forced to shrink through the forces of globalization including the unprecedented communications revolution. People of diverse ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds are thrown together to co-exist, at best in uneasy suspicion, or at worst, in outright hostility.

Thought leaders in our contemporary context speak of focusing on our commonalities to promote a message of unity and hope. This onerous mission cannot be left to national governments or international organizations. Individuals and groups have a part to play too!

The Institute for Spiritual Wisdom and Luminous Science is just such an international group of individuals. Inspired and motivated by the writings and teachings of Allamah Nasir al-Din Nasir Hunzai, ISW stands for the ideal of human equality, justice and unity. Its work is based on the esoteric philosophy of the holy Qur’an, the final revelation of God.

In our current times, Islam is the most misunderstood of global faiths. The debate around the faith of over a billion Muslims is monopolised by extremists or apologists. ISW’s mission is to present and promote a viable alternative, namely the esoteric or batin of the Divine message: “Human beings are created from the Single Soul.”

Allamah Nasir al-Din Nasir Hunzai’s over a hundred books deal with the essence of the Qur’an. His prolific prose and poetry, written over five decades, celebrate the unity that underlines our obvious diversity.

ISW welcomes participation in its mission to break down barriers caused by ignorance and to replace them with bridges of knowledge that bring human beings closer to their real essence and through this to each other.