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Dr. Faquir M. Hunzai, PhD

Dr. Hunzai is decorated with three master’s degrees in Philosophy, Arabic and Persian languages & literatures from Karachi University, as well as a PhD in Islamic Studies from McGill University, Canada. From 1978 to his retirement in 2011, he worked at the Institue of Ismaili studies, London. His numerous publications include ‘The Shimmering Light – An Anthology of Ismaili Poetry’ (London, 1996), a new Persian edition and English translation of Nāṣir-i Khusraw’s ‘Gushāyish wa Rahāyish’ printed as ‘Knowledge and Liberation’ (London, 1998), ‘The Holy Ahl al-Bayt in the Prophetic Traditions’ (Karachi, 2000), as well as contributions to the Encyclopaedia Iranica, Oriente Moderno, Ishraq and other prominent publications. He has also translated more than 70 works from Urdu into English, including ‘The Book of Healing’, ‘Balance of Realities’ and ‘The Wise Qur’ān and the World of Humanity’ of ‘Allāmah Naṣīr al-Dīn Naṣīr Hunzai.

Mrs. Rashida N. Hunzai, M.Ed.

Mrs. Hunzai holds a BA Hons from Hull University, England, a PGCE from Bristol University and a Master of Education degree from McGill University, Canada. Her wealth of publications and articles include the chapter on Islam in ‘Faiths for a Future’ published by the Religious Education and Envionment Programme (1998, Norwich), ‘The Holy Ahl al-Bayt in the Prophetic Traditions’ (Karachi, 2000), and ‘A Bridge between Two Epochs’ on Sir Aga Khan III. She has assisted her husband, Dr.  Faquir M Hunzai, PhD, in the translation of some sixty works of ‘Allamāh Naṣīr Hunzai into English.