A Thousand Wisdoms

You might also have read that the Divine Pen is the supreme living angel, namely the Universal Intellect, and the Guarded Tablet is the other great angel, the Universal Soul. The Divine Pen is the light of the Prophet and the Guarded Tablet is the light of Mawlā ʿAlī. Thus by the command of God, the Divine Pen (the light of Muḥammad s.a.s.) wrote the glorious Qur’ān in its azalī luminous form on the Guarded Tablet (the light of ʿAlī (a.s.)). This event took place in the higher world, and God decreed the same command to be executed in the lower world. Thus, God commanded the maẓhar of the Divine Pen, the holy Prophet to transfer the spirituality and luminosity of the holy Qur’ān to the Guarded Tablet, the Imām-i mubīn, namely Mawlā ʿAlī and the Prophet definitely executed the Divine command

This excerpt has been taken from page 382