Ascent of Soul

One of the characteristics of Qur’ānic wisdom is that it explains and describes the same one reality through different examples and words. For instance, if Ḥaz̤rat Mūsā is called Kalīmu’llāh (God’s interlocutor), it does not mean that this honour of talking to God was confined only to him. The fact is that just as Ḥaz̤rat Mūsā is praised for talking with God, so many other Prophets are also praised in the same way, but as mentioned above, the same reality is exoterically described through different examples and words, and therefore ordinary people cannot understand it. The purpose of this explanation is that although the highest mi’rāj is attained by the Holy Prophet, its subsidiary ranks, in the form of spirituality, are attainable not only by all Prophets and awliyā’ (sing. walī), but also by those mu’mins who follow the pure character and excellent example of the Holy Prophet in religion, as can be seen in verse (33:21).

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