Balance of Realities

The holy Prophet, may God bless him and his progeny, has said: “He who dies, his resurrection takes place”. It affirms the fact that just as death is always present, resurrection, too, always continues in the universe. Death is of two kinds: involuntary and voluntary. Involuntary death [which takes place by force] is the separation of the body and the soul and voluntary death is the name of the process of liberation of an “‘ārif” (one who has recognised God) from bestial attributes through the purification of the soul, as the Prophet has said: “Die (with respect to the carnal soul) before you die (physically)”. Thus, voluntary death means the eradication of all those carnal desires that hinder the rational soul’s spiritual elevation. In other words, to annihilate the carnal soul through the power of worship and spiritual exercise is the carnal soul’s death and spiritual resurrection. Thus, whether physical or spiritual, resurrection depends on death, and death is either the separation of two things or the annihilation of one thing. In any case, this shows that resurrection is inevitable on [the completion of] an act or an event, whether it is big or small. Further, if it is true that resurrection is for the sake of retribution, then it is necessary to receive partial retribution in this world as well. In reality this is what happens.

This excerpt has been taken from page 21.