Book of Healing

Man, in his original nature, is neither angel nor animal. He is created between both. This is his greatest problem and trial, that he is linked to both of them. For his [carnal] soul is from the animal world and his intellect from the angelic world. In this tug of war between the intellect and the animal (carnal) soul, all depends on which one he opposes and which one he supports. If he establishes the kingdom of intellect in his personal world, then it is not impossible to become an angel. Contrary to this, if he follows his animal soul, then obviously, he will become an animal, although apparently, he appears to be a human being. This is an explanation of the Qur’ānic diagnosis of sick humanity. You can see in verses (7:179; 25:43-44), that such hearts, which cannot understand according to the standard which God and His Prophet have fixed, are sick and such eyes, which cannot see in accordance with the will of God, are ailing and those ears which are not able to listen to the truth, are diseased. Thus, such people have gone more astray than the cattle. The wise Qur’ān, in the form of such exhortations, by giving very great importance to prevention, gives it preference over medicine and cure.

This excerpt has been taken from page 48.