Caskets of Pearls, Volume 1

Was the holy Prophet’s mi’rāj (spiritual ascent) physical or spiritual? If you accept that his mi’rāj was spiritual, then necessarily you also have to accept that by the word masjid in verse (17:1), which is related to the story of mi’rāj, is meant ‘ibādat (ism-i a’ẓam), as it is used in this sense in verses (7:29, 31). Thus the ta’wīl of the carrying of the holy Prophet from the sacred masjid to the farthest masjid is that previously he was doing ‘ibādat with the initial ism-i a’ẓam, but then he was commanded to do so with the final ism-i a’ẓam that causes the resurrection to take place. That is, Ḥaẓrat-i qayyūm (signifying the Qā’im).

This extract has been taken from page 22.