Caskets of Pearls, Volume 2

Question: There is no doubt that the great Qur’ān is full of the secrets of soul, spirituality and recognition, so please give us the esoteric wisdom of the following noble verse: “He (Zakariyyā) said: ‘O my Lord, give me a sign (miracle)’. He said: ‘Your sign is that, though sound [without defect], you will not speak to people for three nights’.” (19:10)
Answer: People imagined that Ḥaz̤rat Zakariyyā not being able to speak to them and being dumb for some time was in itself Allāh’s miracle, however the reality is contrary to this. The reality is that the ẓikr of the ism-i a’ẓam became automatic in his forehead, and overwhelmed his heart and mind making it impossible to talk to others. As long as the insinuation and whispering of the carnal soul (ḥadīs-i nafsī) remain in the heart of a human being, he continues to do only verbal ibādat, because in his heart he talks to others. Thus, the revolutionary miracle of the ism-i a’ẓam is essential [for success in special ibādat].

This excerpt has been taken from page 102.