Chirāg-i Rawshan and Ḥakīm Pīr Nāṣir-i Khusraw: A Universe of Knowledge

When a mu’min walking on the spiritual path is annihilated in the Imām of the time by his [esoteric] knowledge and good deeds, he is also annihilated in the Prophet (fanā’ fi’r-rasūl) and annihilated in God (fanā’ fi’llāh) and in such a case, the same one light of God, the Prophet and the Imām becomes his light also. That is, the great secret is revealed to him that he, in his higher “I” (self) (anā-yi ‘ulwī), has always been merged in the absolute light and has never been separated from it. For light is only one, but due to mirrors appears to be many, just as the moon and the countless stars are like mirrors or maẓāhir (loci of manifestation) for the sun. Thus there is no doubt that there is separation among bodies, but there is no separation in the light. There is nothing except union in the light. However, since these things are all material, therefore the complete representation of reality is difficult.

This excerpt has been taken from page 20.