Confluence of Spiritual Science and Material Science

The junction of the heavenly Book and the light of Imamat as the Divine sunnat has continued from eternity. Study verse (11:17) in which the Book of Prophet Moses means the light of the Imām. Had the word “Imām” meant the Torah, God, the knowing, the wise, would not have made Ḥaz̤rat-i  Abraham an Imam, rather He would have made a silent book the Imam. But He did not do so and instead made Ḥaz̤rat-i Abraham the Imam of the people and also kept the living light of the heavenly book in his light. Thus, there cannot be any doubt for the wise people that, in every age the true Imām is the one in whose holy light there is also the light of the heavenly Book, so that he may be able to do its tawīl and interpret it.

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