Forty Wisdoms of Gratitude

Wisdom 2:

According to the Ḥadīs of the Holy Prophet, Ahl-i Bayt, namely the Imām of the time, is like Ḥaz̤rat Nūḥ’s ark for us and therefore we are saved from the deluge (flood) of ignorance and deviation. 

Wisdom 7:
A mu’min is born to remain alive forever, and the purpose of his coming to this world is to attain ma’rifat (recognition of God), so that he may attain the hidden treasure (annihilation in the Divine, fanā fi’llāh) as the ultimate purpose of life. 

Wisdom 27:
The True Imām has conferred immense favours upon us through our great Pīrs, who made us drink the water of life of ma’rifat (recognition of God) and gave us true life, for otherwise, we would have remained dead (spiritually).