Gems of Ma’rifat

On page three, ‘Allāmah Naṣīr al-Dīn Naṣīr Hunzai describes this publication as follows:

“Gems of Ma’rifat” or “Jawāhir-i Ma’ārif” is a collection of my Persian poems which are based on the praise and glorification of the pure Ahl al-bayt. Now it has been translated into the universal language (English)! O my Lord! Though it is not a new favour, the chain of Your great favours has ever continued, why should I not offer a gift of tears of gratitude! Or why should I not die buried under Your favours! O Allāh! sacrifice me for my friends of knowledge, for they are rendering unprecedented services in order to spread the light of knowledge of the pure Ahl al-bayt. O the Lord of honour! Grant help to mu’mins in every good deed! Āmīn!”

Excerpt from the poem ‘Nūr Mawlānā Karīm (2)’:
The place where Divine lights shine, is Nūr Mawlānā Karīm
The place where the secrets of recognition reveal, is Nūr Mawlānā Karīm

The eternal beloved who wears a new attire
Showing his manifestations in the soul, is Nūr Mawlānā Karīm

You are the same Sulṭān of religion, do not test us
Present in every age and cycle, is Nūr Mawlānā Karīm!

The treasure of the knowledge of realities, the mine of light and purity;
The knower of the secrets of the Qur’ān, is Nūr Mawlānā Karīm

The firm handle, the Book of God and the true rope of God;
The Maẓhar (locus of manifestation) of the signs of the Compassionate, is Nūr Mawlānā Karīm

King of the world of religion, ruler of the world of heart,
Sovereign of the kingdom of faith, is Nūr Mawlānā Karīm

The Universal Intellect, the Universal Soul, also Muṣṭafā and Murtaā,
Compriser of the manifest and the hidden, is Nūr Mawlānā Karīm

Feeble Naṣīr has come to your court with hope;
O the helper, the solver of difficulties, Nūr Mawlānā Karīm!

This poem can be found on pages 19, 20 and 21.