Jamā’at Khānah

In his time the Holy Prophet was God’s living House (he housed the light of God, i.e he possessed both the universal intellect and universal soul) (22:26) and the luminous (esoteric, ta’wīlī) and miraculous Jamā’at-khānah, for as it is said in verse (33:33): “Verily, God intends but to keep away from you (every kind of) uncleanness, O you people of the (luminous) house, and to purify you in every respect (externally and internally)”. This holy house was the light of Prophethood and Imāmat and the people of the house were the Holy Five Persons, namely, Ḥaz̤rat Muḥammad Muṣṭafā, Ḥaz̤rat ‘Alī-yi Murtaz̤ā, Ḥaz̤rat Fāṭimah-yi Zahrā, Ḥaz̤rat Ḥasan-i Mujtabā and Ḥaz̤rat Ḥusayn-i Sayyid-i shuhadā’. This luminous house is the speaking House of God and the intellectual and spiritual Jamā’at-khānah, and it is the house of wisdom about which the Holy Prophet has said: “I am the house of wisdom and ‘Alī is its door.” It is also the same blessed and holy house in which, according to verse (24:36), the lamp of the Divine light is lit.

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