Pearls of Ma’rifat 2

It is a reality that the spiritual and real path of all the Prophets is one and the same and it is the straight path (ṣirāt-i mustaqīm). The spiritual wonders and miracles which they observed are not hidden or separate from this path and their exemplary following of it. This means that by following the Holy Prophet and his true successors, it is possible for mu’mins to attain the ma’rifat of every level and observe the spiritual miracles of all the Prophets mentioned in the Qur’ān. Otherwise, the Benevolent Lord would not have taught them such a comprehensive, meaningful and blissful prayer such as this: “Guide us on the straight path, the path of those upon whom You have bestowed Your favours” (1:6-7). This implies that on the path of spirituality, mu’mins not only have to follow the footsteps of the Prophets, but also observe the favours (i.e. the spiritual experiences and intellectual revelations) bestowed upon them and attain the certainty of His ever-flowing mercy [and therefore attain the Ultimate Destination attained by all Prophets and Imāms, namely annihilation in the Divine (fanā fi’llāh)].

This excerpt has been taken from page 55.