Pearls of Ma’rifat 1

Merging with the origin (the Divine) and annihilation (fanā fi’llāh) with respect to physical existence mean spiritual elevation which in turn is Divine proximity and closeness. Such an annihilation is attainable not only after death but also in this life. Further, this status is attained not only by the Prophets and Imāms but also by the true mu’mins who follow them. In this sense it is said in the Qur’ān: “Verily in the messenger of Allāh you have a paragon example for him who looks unto Allāh and the Last day, and remembers Allāh abundantly” (33:21). The gist of the ta’wīl of this verse is that he who looks unto God and to the Imām (for the Last Day stands for Imām [due to His ta’wīl]), and remembers God abundantly, he will be able to follow the Prophet in spiritualism and be merged with the origin (and therefore attain fanā fi’llāh).

This excerpt has been taken from page 20.