Pīr Nāṣir-i Khusraw and Spirituality

Now by the grace of God and His help, in the light of Pīr Nāṣir’s teachings, we have to see that when God gave Ḥaz̤rat Ādam a most exalted Spirit, that is, the Holy Spirit, on what grounds was it compared to breathing (38:72)? The detailed answer to this question is that Ḥaz̤rat Ādam before receiving the Holy Spirit, contrary to the exoteric aspect of traditions, was not a life-less statue of dust, rather he was a chosen and fully alive human being. His heart and mind were full of Divine knowledge through the physical and spiritual speech of Mawlānā Hunayd (the Imām of that time). For, the best way of breathing the Holy Spirit into a person is to make voice from air and breath and then through voice teach him knowledge and wisdom (ta’wīl, esoteric knowledge), because without the nourishment of knowledge and wisdom, the Holy Spirit cannot be granted to someone.

This excerpt has been taken from pages 6 and 7.