Precious Treasure

The Imām of the time can and does give a spark of light to every mu’min and this Divine law and habit has always continued. This spark is from the fountainhead of the light of Intellect, not from a low level, as the Qur’ān says: “He (Mūsā) said to his people: Bide you (here). Verily, I see in the distance a fire; peradventure I shall bring some information (khabar) from there or a brand (piece of burning wood) (jazwah) from the fire that you may warm yourselves” (28:29). The gist of its ta’wīl is that when the True Guide succeeds to the rank of light, the mu’mins receive two great benefits from this: khabar (information) and jazwah (firebrand). Khabar means [esoteric] knowledge (ta’wīl) and guidance, and jazwah means ism-i a’ẓam; and ‘to warm from the fire’ means to benefit from the [spiritual experience produced by practicing the] ism-i a’ẓam or the Supreme Name.

This excerpt has been taken from page 63.