Proof of Imāmat

According to this principle, first of all God selected Ḥaz̤rat Ādam for the sake of Prophethood and Imāmat and this chain (of selection) continued in the progeny of Ḥaz̤rat Ādam till Ḥaz̤rat Nūḥ and in his progeny till Ḥaz̤rat Ibrāhīm, in his progeny till the Holy Prophet and with the Holy Prophet the chain of Prophethood came to an end, but the chain of Imāmat continued and will continue in his holy progeny till the Day of Resurrection, as God says: “We gave to Ibrāhīm’s progeny the [inheritance of the] Book and Wisdom (ta’wīl) (till Resurrection) and We gave them a great kingdom.” (4:54). Thus, according to this verse the excellence of the progeny of Ibrāhīm, i.e. the progeny of Muhammad (s.a.s.) is clear. That is, one can attain the ta’wīl (esoteric understanding) and wisdom of the heavenly Book only through them till the Resurrection and by virtue of this, they possess the great kingdom of spirituality. Since the ta’wīl and wisdom of the heavenly Book is necessary forever [to enable the believers to attain the Paradise promised by God], therefore the Imām from the family of Ibrāhīm (a.s.) and Muhammad (s.a.s.) is always living and present in this world. Since the independent sovereign can only be one, therefore, the permanent Imām who is the king of religion is one, and who, in the cycle of Prophethood, is apparently in the position of the wazīr of the spiritual king, as was Mawlānā Murtaā Alī in the time of the Holy Prophet, who was the king of religion.

This excerpt has been taken from pages 19 and 20.