Psalms of Lovers

In the Holy Qur’ān (4:163; 17:55), it is mentioned that God gave Ḥaz̤rat Dā’ūd, the Psalms. Ḥaz̤rat Dā’ūd, who was His vicegerent (Prophet), attained the status of fanā’ fi’llāh (annihilation in/Oneness with the Divine) again and again by shedding tears of ardent love and as mentioned in the Ḥadīs-i nawāfil, in that state the most Benevolent Lord became his tongue and speech. Thus in ẓāhir the Psalms are a collection of the songs of praise and prayer, etc. of Ḥaz̤rat Dā’ūd and in bāṭin they are the speech of God. The Qur’ānic proof of this is verse (8:17): “And you did not throw (the dust) but Allāh did it.” This shows that the speech and action of the Prophet and the Imām become God’s speech and action. Thus without doubt the Psalms are a heavenly Book.

This excerpt has been taken from pages 33 and 34.