Pure Intellect

Ḥajar-i Mukarram (Honourable Rock): By the honourable rock (2:60) from where twelve springs gushed out, is meant the Pearl of Intellect whose knowledge flows in twelve ranks. The maẓhar (locus of manifestation) of this [Pearl of Intellect (Universal Intellect)] in the physical world is the Imām of the time who always gives knowledge to twelve ḥujjats. But it is important to remember that the exalted Imām does not compel a mu’min to drink the water of spiritual knowledge until he creates an ardent thirst in himself and seeks this water from the Imām. In the example of Ḥaz̤rat Mūsā it is clear that God and His Prophet knew that the children of Israel were in dire need of water (esoteric knowledge), but the miracle of water only appeared when they asked their Prophet for water and he prayed to God for them [and then by the command of God, proceeded to teach them that esoteric knowledge through the twelve ḥujjats] (7:160).

This excerpt has been taken from page 10.