Recognition of Imām

The collective ta’wīl of what is said about the bee in Sūratu’n-Naḥl is: “And your Lord inspired the honey bee” means ‘Establish spiritual rapport with the other ḥujjats prior to you, who were the mountains of knowledge’; “And [choose habitation] in the tree also” means ‘After the ḥujjats, attain the recognition of the Imām of the time, who is the ever-blossoming tree of Imāmat’. That is, the Imām is the Pure Tree (shajarah-yi ṭayyibah), which “gives fruit (wisdom, ta’wīl) all the time”; “And [choose habitation] in that which they thatch” means ‘In the light of the recognition of the Imām of the time, attain benefit from the wisdoms of the higher ḥudūd’; “Then eat of all fruits” means ‘Eat from the fruits of spirituality and knowledge’; “And follow the ways of your Lord made smooth” means ‘Move about in the field of knowledge and wisdom of your Lord, as there is no hindrance and confusion for you [due to the Imām’s ta’wīl]’; “There comes forth from their bellies a drink diverse of hues” means ‘From the bāṭin of the ḥujjat appear diverse ta’wīls which are a spiritual nourishment’; “Wherein is healing for humankind” means ‘Due to the ta’wīls of the ḥujjats, people are healed from the disease of ignorance’; “Lo! Herein is indeed a portent for people who reflect” means ‘The people who contemplate and reflect with wisdom and knowledge, know the reality that all these things that are described belong to the miracles of spirituality and knowledge of the True Imām’.

This excerpt has been taken from pages 109 and 110.