Sixty Questions (For Children)

Q.2. Who created Allāh?
A.2. He is not created by anyone, because He has always been there.

Q.4. What is the meaning of Tawḥīd?
A.4. Tawḥīd means to believe in One God.

Q.7. Does Allāh need to be worshipped by mankind?
A.7. No. He does not need anything. Rather in worshipping Him, there is the well-being of man himself.

Q.18. Whose speech is the Holy Qur’ān?
A.18. It is the holy speech of Allāh.

Q.33. What is the means of guidance for the people after the demise of the Holy Prophet?
A.33. The Holy Qur’ān and the True Imām (a.s.).

Q.39. Is obedience to the Imām of the time necessary?
A.39. Yes, the obedience to the Imām of the time is necessary and obligatory, because the Holy Qur’ān says: “O you who believe! Obey Allāh and obey the Messenger and those who possess the command (of Allāh) from among you.” (4:59). Those who possess the command (of Allāh) are the Imāms in different ages.