Spiritual Secrets

This book consists of a verse-by-verse analysis performed by ‘Allāmah Naṣīr al-Dīn Naṣīr Hunzai on one of his Burushaski Ginans.

Verse: Are the Lord and human soul, in reality, alike? If not, then the completion of the gnosis of God in the gnosis of spirit is strange. 

Explanation: It is ascribed to Imām ʿAlī that he said: “Whosoever recognized his self (or soul), he recognized his Lord”. The question which arises out of this farmān is obvious. The recognition or gnosis of Lord through the recognition of human spirit is possible only if they are alike. This question is very important and can be solved in the light of Monorealism. But an immediate answer to this question is that the human soul is the mirror of Divine beauty and glory. When this mirror becomes completely clean and bright, then the exalted attributes of the Lord of honor can be observed therein until the necessary gnosis (maʿrifat) is achieved.