Studies in Spiritualism and Dreams

The state and reality of dreams is such that the external senses do not work in dreams. Because of this the connection of the soul to the external world is severed temporarily and the soul tends to its inner world automatically. Since the soul is in itself a complete world, during the dream-state, it sees everything in itself. That is, wakefulness is the name of the state in which the soul is occupied with the external world through the (physical) eyes, ears, tongue, feet, hands, etc. and the dream is the name of the state in which the physical organs become temporarily suspended and are silent [with respect to being conscious of their workings], and the soul freely examines its deeds and conditions, and at this time it uses the inner senses. That is, in dreams, man sees with the spiritual eye, hears with the spiritual ear, and whatever he does, he does only with the hidden faculties of the soul.

This excerpt has been taken from page 36.