Sublime Realities

The holy Imām is physically God’s supreme veil and spiritually His mirror. He is the last day and the day of Resurrection and all those verses related to the Resurrection in the Qur’ān are his ta’wīlī names, of which each name acts as the door, lock and key to the treasure of knowledge and wisdom of the related verse, because every such verse is specifically full of the secrets of Resurrection. You certainly know that the spiritual rank of the Holy Prophet is the city of knowledge and the house of wisdom, in which are preserved the spirit and spirituality (ta’wīl, esoteric realities) of the Qur’ān and whose gate or door, i.e. the veil or maẓhar, is the Imām of the time. And you must not forget the Qur’ānic law that it is this door through which, by the command of God, one can enter the bāṭin, the esoteric aspect, from the ẓāhir, the exoteric aspect (57:13), so that on the day of Resurrection, nobody should have the excuse that in his time there was no such means (Imām) to solve the difficulties of the Qur’ān and contemporary issues.

This excerpt has been taken from pages 40 and 41.