The Holy Qur’ān in the Ism-i ‘Āzam

In the light of the above mentioned realities and gnoses, it is clear that the Divine speech – the Qur’ān – is not limited, and as such it has many forms: its state of command (amrī kayfiyyat) is in the word ‘Be’ (kalimah-yi kun); its luminous form and intellectual existence is in the Divine Pen (the Universal Intellect); its spiritual state is in the Guarded Tablet (lawḥ-i maḥfūẓ), which is the Universal Soul; its semasiological kernel or essence (maʿnawī maghz) is in umm al-kitāb (the Mother of the Book, the sūrah of Fātiḥah); and its revealed shape, as it should be, is in the physical world. And except for the people of ḥaqīqat, nobody knows this secret that the Prophet Muḥammad was taught the ism-i aʿẓam by the permanent Imām (al-Imām al-muqīm) [of his time], and through this name the Prophet used to perform the special “zikr” as a result of which the Qur’ān was revealed upon him, which in the beginning was through the mediation of the Pen (the Universal Intellect), the Tablet (the Universal Soul), Isrāfīl, Mīkā’īl and Jibrā’īl.

This excerpt has been taken from page 9.