The Qur’ān and Spirituality

God says: “No one can touch it (the Qur’ān) except the pure ones”. (56:79). This never means that an impure person cannot touch the Qur’ān externally. It rather means that except for those whose hearts are pure, no one has access to the spirituality, luminosity and ta’wīlī (esoteric) wisdom of the Qur’ān. This shows that the hearts of the exalted Ahl-i bayt were illumined by the light (esoteric wisdom, ta’wīl) of the Qur’ān. For the Qur’ān itself testifies that God, according to the verse of purification (33:33), has duly purified them and all pure Imāms are from the Ahl-i bayt

This excerpt has been taken from pages 17 and 18.