Wise Qur’ān and The World of Humanity 1

It is mentioned in verse (31:28): “Your creation and your resurrection is but like (the creation and resurrection of) a Single Soul. Verily, Allah is hearer, seer.” 

Ta’wīlī purport: Every individual is potentially like the Single Soul. Thus, the one who truly obeys Allah, actually becomes like the Single Soul. The ḥujjat of qā’im, peace be upon them both, said: “A mu’min’s (true believer’s) soul [potentially] is our soul”2. Thus, true obedience is necessary and essential for the mu’min’s soul to [become] like that of the Imām. It is also said in the sacred ḥadīth: “O son of Adam! Obey Me [truly], so that I may make you like Myself …”3.

Study the subject of vicegerency in verse (6:165) in the light of ta’wīlī wisdom. The same is the subject of verse (24:55). The secret contained in these two wisdom-filled verses is that the righteous people, by obeying Allah’s living supreme Name [i.e. the Imām of the time], [themselves] become like Ḥaz̤rat Adam.

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