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Music recording in Pepsi Studio Afghanistan

Lecture of Fasting – Shahnaz  

Subject index – Wisdom search

Ya Ali Madad to all of You, A Wonderful Subject Index (مفتاح عناوینِ نصیری) in word document made by Ahmed Nadim Sumoyo is attached here: Miftah-i-Anawin-i-Nasiri This word document file is very helpful to find key word of subject by using  Find option in word document. Follow these four steps as shown in attached file. 1 – Home, 2 – Find, …

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Health Farman of MSMS

click here to download Mubarak HEALTH Farmans of H Mawlana Sultan Muhammad Shah

Compilation of Farmans on Ibadat

Click link below to download Ibadat Bandagi

Spiritual Science Presentation

This is Spiritual Science presentation by some Dallas NLA’s: Jafar Ali Jooma, Aaliyyah Punjwani, Rubyna Alyzadi Jooma Click here to view: Spiritual Science Presentation

Interesting Sermon in presence of Prime Minister of Pakistan

see here:

Australian Interview of MHI – 1979

See video here: Video about Islamic Patters  

Academy of Letters Event January 2019

Mushaira dedicated to Allamah Nasiuddin Nasir Hunzai The Academy of Letters Sind Provincial Office Karachi dedicated their weekly mushaira of 2 nd January to Allamah Nasiruddin Nasir Hunzai, a poet of 4 languages i.e. Urdu, Burushaski, Persian and Chinese Turkish. The Resident Director of the Sind Provincial Office, Mr Qadir Bakhsh Soomro introduced Allamah Nasiruddin talking …

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New Audio Book

New audio book added – Haqiqi Ishq see