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One Community

2:213, 10:19 In a really interesting lecture of Allamah Saheb’s, and one point particularly caught my attention. It was the tawil of “and you were one community”. He asked to what time this referred, because nowhere in known history is such a time recorded. He then said that the tawil of this related, as with …

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Afaq and Anfus

Firman March 13th, 1983, in Dubai “If man is wise and if man is humble, he will understand that technology is simply the continuing revelation of Allah’s power…. And I simply want to mention this today to My spiritual children because as your children grow up, I want you to underline to them that science and technology …

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Facebook Feed

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Audio Books

Please note that we have started to add the audio books kindly developed by Azeem and Shehzad to the new monoreality site. Books – English Audio

UK Jashn Oct 2017

Farman Extract

Farman of Mawlana Hasan ‘Ala Dhikrihi Salam, as recorded by Nasir ad-din Tusi in his Sayr wa Suluk.   “Everyone must know [God] through knowing me, since a person becomes a knower (‘arif) through my knowledge and becomes a monotheist (muwahhid) through my monotheism. Then the reality of knowledge (ma’rifat), union (ittihad) and oneness (wahdat) comes completely into existence, …

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PowerPoint Presentation on Nur

Presentation by Razi Jamani Click Here To View  

Research Aid for Urdu Terms

A book by Karima and Hassan Jasani which helps explain and define complex urdu terms click here to view: Farhang-i Diwan-i Nasiri – eBook

Review of Madi Science aur Ruhani Science Ka Sangam

Review of book Madi Science aur Ruhani Science Ka Sangam by Ghulam Qadir Saheb Click here to view: Madi Science aur Ruhani Science Ka Sangam(F) – Review

Girya O zari “Gam O Gussa”

Girya O zari “Gam O Gussa ” and Lecture from Cassete : 386 Aa and Bb. 13-02-1987 A:  386 Aa- Maqalah Asrar e Anbiya awr A’immah, (wa… B:  386 Ab- Maqalah Asrar e Anbiya awr A’immah, (wa…